Friday, July 29, 2011

Pet Stool by Eyal Hirsh

Today we are presenting to you one very modernistic and unique design, breaking the typical form and purpose of day life furniture. This is the "Pet Stool" by the industrial designer Eyal Hirsh from Israel. This is his final project at Shenkar College, Israel. The project idea is to bring a bit more joy and playfulness to our living room with "Pet Stool”.

The stool is made out of oak wood, solid yet very warm material. The detail that brings the attention to the stool is the textile leg, which was specially made, he penetrates the seat and going on as a friendly creature you can play and interact with. Inside the cushion leg there is a solid aluminum leg that keeps the stool by Eyal Hirsh stable, and allowing it to look mysteriously soft and floating. The cushion can be made in different colors bringing more freshness in the interior.
Here we have a video showing some of the features and possible ways to use the "Pet Stool"

Forget about the static and boring furniture this piece of design stool will make your day life very interesting and different every time you sit, sleep on or even play with your "Pet Stool".

As the designer Eyal Hirsh says:
 "My purpose in this project was to create a new interaction between us and our furniture around us, and through this experience, to allow us to feel different, and maybe act different and more free when were around the pet stool. To me it seems important to bring joy, and allow people to release their inhibitions more frequently then we usually do."


More information can be found at:  Eyalhirsh Daportfolio

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aquatics Centre for London 2012 Olympics Games

     The Aquatics Centre at the Olympic Park site was recently completed. The building is designed and constructed for 2012 Olympic Games in London. The building is impressive with it shape, size and design. With a year to the start of the Olympic Games the construction is finished, the site is taking 2.5 square kilometer located in the southeast corner of the park of Stratford. The official opening will be celebrated with synchronization British diving. Tom Daley will be the first to splash the water in the pools. The grand opening will be exactly a year before official Olympics games start. 

The building cost is around 268 million pounds, so it is no surprise the result is great. The main design element it the Aquatics Centre is the roof. The shape is in the theme of the events that will be held in the building and it is like a Wave. A Big wave it is with a width of 262 feet and a length of more than 520 feet. The design is from Iraq-born architect Zaha Hadid.She has won the Pritzker Prize for her awe-inspiring designs all over the world. For now only the main building is finished, and there still need to be added greening trees and parks, but and now we can see the glamour of the building. The roof design is supposed to be like a moving wave that will fit perfectly with the environment around and the river nearby. The sports that are schedule for this Center are Diving, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Paralympics Swimming and Modern Pentathlon.

Another interesting fact is that during the 2012 games the spectators will be seated in two temporary wings that will be taken down after the Games. The Aquatics Centre have a 50 meters competition pool, a 25 meters competition diving pool and 50 meters warm-up pool and a ‘dry’ warm-up area for divers. This is one really great building and even the end of the Olympic Games at London 2012 it will still be landmark for the city.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Float Coffee Table by Liz Boscacci

Are you a coffee drinker, and like to take a couple of cups a day. If you are you will possibly like to drink it on some modern and intriguing coffee table so you don't get bored. Well there is such a table this is the designer Float Coffee Table that is created by Liz Boscacci that finished his education in California College of the Arts, San Francisco and California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA. The table is constructed from two main parts, the oval top form glass that is the surface of the coffee table and the base of this table that is made from turned mahogany balls with different size.

 The contrast is the main idea in the design of Liz Boscacci, we have the clear and simple glass top, and unorganized and form different sizes balls base. The idea of the base for Float Coffee Table came from the bubbles in the water, which are moving chaotically trying to reach the top of the surface. In this design the top of the table is the calm water and the mahogany balls the water bubbles. The size of the table is as follows:  height of 13 inches and 3 feet in diameter. This makes it pretty compact and suitable for every home.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Modernistic Apartment by A-cero Architects

This is one very modernistic and futuristic looking apartment project. The project is designed and finished by A-cero Architects. The apartment is situated in Galicia Spain. The company main work is in Spain. They designed many interior designs and also many houses apartments and buildings. The apartment is a duplex rehabilitation project. Let’s try to describe the apartment. At the entrance we have huge hall that is the most used premises in the entire home, and will be visited by all the people in the home.

 After that we have a big dining room. On the same floor we have bedroom with personal bathroom. There is also and futuristic designed kitchen, with hi-end appliances. The main colors used in the designer of the entire home are the black and white, as the white is the main color. The white is used matt and polished.  A beautiful stairs lead us to the lower part of the apartment. There we can find another bedroom with own bathroom and also dressing room. On the floor designers from A-cero made another two bedrooms.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pickaboo accessories drawer by Kaia Lisveen

Every woman has a lot of personal jewelry and make up accessories. Sometimes all this stuff can make a real mess in your hall way or bedroom near the make-up mirror. But don't worry there is solution for all this mess to be hidden. This is the Peekaboo piece of furniture that is made to hide your mess and organize your accessories. This mini dresser is made by the designer Kaia Helene Lien Lisveen. The Peekaboo will bring freshness in your bedroom and will personalize your private space for accessories.

 The dresser is made from wood, as the drawers are covered will bamboo wood to give better impression, and the walls are painted in black so they can contrast on the drawers. The designer tried to escape from the typical cubical form of the drawers and make them oval. The opening is also interesting they are turned to be opened. This furniture was exhibited at Design and Architecture Center in Oslo, June 2011 at the Akershus University College Graduate Exhibition 2011. So if you are wondering were to hide all the accessories and want something modernistic in your bedroom just pick Pickaboo.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hyphae lamp by Nervous system

This is the Hyphae lamp designed and created by Nervous System. These lamps are something that is never done before, and the process of making them is unique and very interesting in the same time. The Hyphae lamp series are organic lamps that are designed to look like the veins o the leaves. Each and every one lamp form this collection is unique and one of a kind, this is because the Hyphae lamps are "grown" on 3D printer. The material used for creating these designer lamps is nylon plastic.

The structure is very light but in the same time surprisingly strong so don't worry that you can break those fine structures of the lamp body. The lamp is also an eco-friendly it uses a LED light with 200 lumen and using only 3-watts for this. The light with the combination of the design of the Hyphae lamp creates beautiful and unique branching shadows on your walls and ceiling. The lamp can be used on 120 V or 240 V outlets so it’s available for using in all countries. The color that is used on the lamp is white. The dimensions of the lamp designed by Nervous System are 5.3in x 5.3in x 8in. If you like the lamp be prepared to spend 600$ for a single lamp.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Icoeye pixel jacket for your books

This is Icoeye pixel jacket for your books. Many of us have a huge collation of books stacked at shelves on the wall. But as expected they are all different with different colors and titles on their spine. And somehow this looks chaotic and boring with no global design. But don't worry, Igor Udushlivy comes with unique idea that can help us change all of that. With his Icoeye pixel jacket we can change the boring appearance of our books and make them more fresh eye-catching and even turning the shelves of books into art. The idea is to wrap the books of the same size with his dust jackets (you can find template link at the end of this article ) and at their spine by using big pixels you can composite your slogan logo or just some motive. On the spine you get space for ten pixels vertically, by printing them on different positions and combining them with the books nearby you make the magic. This is great idea and will bring your book shelves to live and make them more interesting. If you like the idea and want to make your own icon shelf just get the template from the author’s webpage. Then print combines the books and enjoy.

Friday, July 15, 2011

20 Modern & Contemporary Living Rooms

Here we decide to present to you 20 modern and contemporary interior designers for your living room. The living room is one of the most important rooms in our homes as we spend most of the time in it we read we watch TV meet guests and sometimes sleep in it. That’s why it is very important how our living room is designed and decorated. The room must feel cozy and makes friendly atmosphere for you and all the people that will be invited inside, guests or visitors.

Very important details in living room are the seating’s and the lightening. The sofa or the couch must be position in that way the people will see each other and will be able to communicate and see others reactions. The lightening must match the whole idea of the interior and the living room must be good lighted. The wall must be simple and not with a lot of accessories maybe one or two centered in the middle. The furniture choice is personal but modern furniture is looking really great. One idea is furniture with polished paint or with leather finish. Good finish will be if you leave the flooring maximal clean and simple.

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