Friday, August 19, 2011

Olympic stadium - London 2012 Olympic Games

The construction of the Olympic stadium in London was officially completed. The stadium will be the key facility for the upcoming Olympics, in the capital of Britain. The stadium is located in the south of the Olympic Park. The entire construction is new and is made especially for the Olympic Games 2012.  208 events will be held on this stadium from the Olympic Games next year.

Olympic Stadium has 80,000 seats. Its construction took 1,000 days, which is 90 days less than the schedule. Its construction did cost 486 million pounds, which is 10 million less than initially budget. In the building of the stadium the constructors used special type of steel that made the stadium 75 % lighter that similar stadiums with regular steel. One eco-friendly parts is that they used only low-carbon concrete, made from industrial waste and containing 40 per cent less embodied carbon than usual. The top of the stadium is made form used gas pipes. The permanent seats are 25,000 and the extra 55,000 specially added for Olympic Games 2012 will be removed after the games. The last layer of grass on the pitch put the former sprinter Frankie Fredericks of Namibia, which has four silver medals at the Olympics. "The scale of the stadium impresses me, even while walking on it. When it is full of spectators, the experience of British athletes will be unique," said Fredericks.

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