Friday, January 24, 2014

Usit - Stepladder Chair

Finally a chair safe to climb! USIT is an innovative piece of furniture that is both a chair and a stepladder.
Designed by Maarten Olden, the USIT will be presented during the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, The Netherlands from 19 to 27 October 2013.
USIT originated in the desire to create a stepladder that fits into a contemporary interior. Today’s stepladders often look too utilitarian, and they are quickly returned to storage after being used. Although it is collapsible, the USIT doesn’t have to be packed away. The two-step version of USIT can be used as a seat, the three-step version as a high stool.

Two versions of the USIT in three colour combinations will be presented.
This design unites Maarten Olden’s knowledge of and passion for furniture and industrial design. The USIT is an extremely comfortable chair, and an incredibly safe stepladder.
As an object the USIT stylishly combines wood and aluminium with innovative details.

USIT will be available in the Stores through Altrex in: Wood Nature, Wood Nature Black and Wood Solid White.
Maarten Olden set up his MO,O design studio in 2002. The office is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

MO,O’s designs are on the cutting edge of architecture and product design, on a broad diversity of scales. MO,O designs furniture and products for a variety of manufacturers, and interiors for schools, shops and exhibitions. Maarten also develops his own products and furniture and collaborates with other designers and craftsmen.

Stockwerk Foldable Shelf By Meike Harde

Young German designer Meike Harde has created the Stockwerk foldable and collapsible shelf system. The shelf features a unique functional system which allows the user to increase or decrease the height of the shelf by folding or opening some storage compartments. From the designer, “The shelf Stockwerk appears to negate its material properties. Due to the cut side walls the solid wood construction becomes a foldable object reminiscent of a compressible paper model. Stockwerk heralds a new kind of shelf-construction. As an alternative to plug and screw connections this shelf needs no assembly and is delivered folded up.

The side walls are split, mitred and fixed with piano hinges. The system is fully linked together; the shelves just have to be unfolded. The system is self-stabilizing via the mitre-chamfer on the side wall edges. Despite having fewer and simpler production steps, a complex functional system is possible. The final height of the shelf is customisable, as some compartments can stay closed according to requirements.”

Nomad Nightstand Table By Spell

After a long day you just want to have your handheld devices at one place before bedtime. Now your tablet and phone devices will always be ready and charged up for the new day to come. And certainly, you don’t want to let your precious device lying on the desk with everything else piled up and cables hanging around. The Nomad iPad and Tablet night stand by Spell is an elegant way to keep your tablet or iPad upright while using it or waiting to be used.

The docking station made of wood adds a warm touch to the design and is available in two sizes (depends on the slit’s width). The Nomad iPad and Tablet night stand is suitable for almost every tablet and iPad device. With its extra compartment, all cables and chargers can be stored out of sight and charged from one main AC supply. The Nomad iPad and Tablet night stand is available in black, white, quartz or pebble gray colour with Dock 1 or Dock 2 base in Walnut wood.

Choose your colour of preference AND the Dock suitable for your device accordingly:

Dock 1 (DC 1,4 cm) suitable for:

Apple iPad (19,0 x 24,3 x 1,34 cm)
Blackberry Play-book (13,0 x 19,4 x 1,00 cm)
Google Nexus 7 (12,0 x 19,8 x 1,05 cm)
Hp Touchpad (19,0 x 24,0 x 1,37 cm)
Microsoft Surface (17,3 x 27,5 x 1,35 cm)
Motorola Xoom (16,8 x 24,9 x 1,29 cm)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (12,2 x 19,4 x 1,05 cm)

Dock 2 (DC 1,0 cm) suitable for:

Apple iPad Mini (13,7 x 20,0 x 0,72 cm)
Apple iPad (3rd gen.) (18,6 x 24,1 x 0,94 cm)
Apple iPad 2 (18,6 x 24,2 x 0,88 cm)
Google Nexus 10 (17,8 x 26,4 x 0,89 cm)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (17,5 x 25,6 x 0,97 cm)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (17,5 x 25,7 x 0,86 cm)

Star Wars Death Star Birdhouse

Wait, you didn’t think it was only humans who could love Star Wars, did you? How horribly speciesist of you. There’s no reason to believe that the other creatures inhabiting our tiny corner of the galaxy don’t appreciate a good space opera too, and if you’ve noticed the local sparrows crowding around your window whenever you pop in Episode IV, there’s a good chance they’ll love this Death Star bird house.

Made of sturdy ceramic, this smaller version of the infamous space station lacks a volatile core so the risk of it exploding and destroying a nest are minimal. For $40 it comes with a wire hanger for securing it safely to a tree branch making it the perfect home for your backyard birds, as long as you can convince them it’s not a trap.

How To Select A Bottle of Wine

How to Choose Wine, the most common situations where you will choose wine include personal use or a bottle for someone else. The perfect wine for the moment you get off work is different from the one you’ll choose for your get off-social gathering.

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