Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mimo Baby Monitor Helps Parents Track Infants’ Sleep Patterns

Well, cue the tech angels because this is where the cutest little accelerometer device I’ve ever seen comes in to save all the nervous parents to come. Mimo presented its tiny little baby monitor that integrates with sensor-festooned onesies at CES 2014: The tiny turtle monitor comes in a kit with three onesies, sizes 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 months.

The kimono-style, organic cotton onesies are key because of the unobtrusive and soft, cloth-like strip that runs across it, which records how often a baby breathes. To complete the techy mini-suit, snap the small green plastic turtle monitor into the hip-area of the onesie and all the information the monitor collects will be synched over Bluetooth to Mimo’s base, which the company calls the Lilypad.

The Mimo can detect and display information on your baby’s sleep, respiration, and temperature along with your baby's movement data and the ambient room temperature, all in a handy little matching app. There’s also a function in the app to listen in with the turtle. Video function may come in a later version of the Mimo.

This idea seems just genius. We found a cool dog tracker at this year’s CES, so why not put the same sort of accelerometer tech on a kid and help a nervous parent out?

Starting in January 2014, parents can buy a Mimo starter package for $199 through nationwide retail stores, which includes 3 Kimonos, 1 Lilypad and 1 Turtle.

Bye Bye Laundry - Freshens Up Your Clothes Without Using Water

Water conservation is one of the biggest issues on the planet these days, and the washing machine is one of the biggest water hoarders. While you might soon be able to wash your clothes with leftover water from your shower, sometimes you might want to skip washing them at all. This is where Bye Bye Laundry come into play.

Created by recent Kingston graduate Lisa Marie Bengtsson, Bye Bye Laundry aims to reduce the number of times you put your clothes through the wash. Bye Bye Laundry is a system that uses coal-filter hangers to help aerate the clothes and eliminate odor without using any water.
Each hanger includes a small container filled with activated charcoal: Activated charcoal goes through a process that makes it very porous and thus able to absorb odors and chemicals. After hanging on the Bye Bye Laundry for a day or two, the garment should be fresh again and ready to wear. You can refill the charcoal and swap out the filter to keep the hanger working.

According to Lisa, "we wash our clothes much more than needed and it harms both the clothes and the planet." She created this project to "[reflect] on our attitude towards dirt with aim to make people use less water and to change our washing behavior." And indeed, Bye Bye Laundry is about more than just saving water, it's about changing the way we look at things. do we really need to use so much water to get our clothes clean?

Clothes Horse by Aaron Dunkerton

Graduate designer Aaron Dunkerton has developed an expandable clothing airer that unfolds into a star shape to create more space for hanging wet garments.

Aaron Dunkerton's Clothes Horse has 36 arms, 10 more than a conventional airer, and when in use it takes the form of a 12-pointed star.
"The shape of my clothes horse when erect allows for good air circulation around the clothes, which will help them to dry faster," said the designer.
The piece is made from narrow strips of beach plywood, connected by brushed aluminium rods. Small openings create hooks that allow the structure to be locked into position, or collapsed when not it use.
"When it's collapsed it is a lot smaller than conventional airers, but when expanded it has more drying arms, as well as having a more interesting form," Dunkerton.

Dunkerton designed the Clothes Horse as part of a product and furniture design degree at Kingston University. His other projects include a cavity brick fitting that allows endangered birds to nest in new buildings and garden walls.

Project description from the designer:

The dimensions of my clothes horse are 56cm long, 32 wide and 23cm high when it is collapsed so it is much easier to store than a conventional clothes airer which are normally awkward sizes and hard to hide when not in use. When in use its dimensions are 56cm deep, 112cm wide and 112cm tall. The shape of my clothes horse when erect allows for good air circulation around the clothes, which will help them to dry faster.
The design comprises a locking arm which keeps the clothes horse in it collapsed form so that when it is being moved and stored between uses it is easier to carry.

Whilst my design does have a bigger footprint when it is being used, it is much more interesting to look at than normal airers. It has 36 drying arms which is around 10 more than normal airers. It is made from brushed aluminium rod and beach plywood. The wood is cut using a CNC router. The aluminium rod is threaded at the end and then fastened with domed nuts and washers.

Unique Hesus Rocking Horse Chair Inspiration by J.Key Schneyorson

Unique Hesus rocking horse chair inspiration intend restful deliberation integrate color infiltration, items alignment, design mixture alliance and design plan idea, which the entire phase fuse together to build great unique chair. Current unique chair design indication regularly was provide divergent impression to environment surrounding which is formed with multipart design.

Design focus to be marked about this remarkable unique chair is restful quality alongside unsophisticated design theme and items alternative. This exciting unique Hesus rocking horse chair inspiration we think proficiently mixing smart unique chair design plan, fabulous design appear, substance alternative, dominant representation of ornament decoration and design format organization.

Unique Hesus rocking horse chair inspiration visualizations perfect steadiness, undeformed shapes, and critical simplicity build this nice unique chair as one of excellent design plan. After appear at the unique Hesus rocking horse chair inspiration picture carefully maybe you will catch numerous different idea to be executed on your own design.

The unique chair draftsman proficiently put together great indication synchronization into a unification to build beautiful unique chair. Realizing smart design plan tactics and focus design principle is the key reason of this unique Hesus rocking horse chair inspiration develop into one of extravagant unique chair design.

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