Friday, March 7, 2014

Ritz-Carlton Launches Signature Chocolate Cake, Wants You To Eat Their Cake

If you like cake, Ritz-Carlton wants you to like their cake, only their cake. As announced by the luxury hotel chain, they now have a signature Ritz-Carlton Chocolate Cake, made in their own kitchens by their pastry chefs.
Ritz-Carlton has asked 20 of its pastry chefs from around the world to come up with a special cake recipe to celebrate its storied heritage in an edible way. The request came from the corporate chef Rainer Zinngrebe with couple of strings attached “the cake had to contain Grand Marnier, the liqueur was named by Cesar Ritz for his friend Louis-Alexandre Marnier La Postelle, who later gave Ritz the money to start up his very first hotel in Paris. The cake also had to contain fine chocolate. And lastly, the cake needed to stay fresh for up to eight days.”
After the cake recipes were submitted by 20 talented pastry chefs, the head pastry chef at the Ritz-Carlton, Frederic Barasse got the responsibility to make cakes according to each recipe. Cakes were then judged by Ritz-Carlton’s top executives. After extensive taste-tests, stipulations and judging it was announced Chef Yusuke Aoki of the Ritz-Carlton Toronto as the winner for his chocolate cake entry.

Chef Aoki’s winning yummy cake as per the hotel is a “sponge cake mixed with three different kinds of chocolate and layered with two stripes of bitter caramel and two stripes of orange ganache which is made with candied fruit and the required Grand Marnier. It’s topped with another fine strip of chocolate.” And cake also comes stamped with the Ritz-Carlton lion logo.

The cake, wrapped in a chic black box with the words “The Cake” printed on the side and tied with a white Ritz-Carlton ribbon, is for sale only in Ritz-Carlton hotels from around $40-$45. There are plans to sell it online in the coming months so you can taste a bit of the Ritz without ever leaving your house.

Turn Water Into Wine With The Miracle Machine

A startup company has developed a corking idea to turn ordinary tap water into world-class wine without the need to cellar, pay through the nose or require the son of God to make it.
The aptly named Miracle Machine is a $499 bottle that accelerates the winemaking process by taking sachets of ingredients to produce a style of wine you desire in just three days. All you need to do is add water and follow the fermentation progress on a free app.

It was created by Napa Valley sommelier Kevin Boyer and wine website entrepreneur Philip James, who claim the device can make a wine that would normally cost more than $20 for just a couple of bucks.
There will be six styles of grape available including Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and they expect to add five to 10 more styles over the next three months.

How it exactly works is being kept a secret, but its Kickstarter website explains the chamber uses an array of electrical sensors, transducers, heaters and pumps to provide a controlled environment for the primary and, as needed, secondary fermentation stages.
A digital refractometer measures the sugar content of the liquid during the fermentation process, and a custom-designed ceramic air diffuser pumps filtered air under a regulated micro-oxygenated environment, aerating the wine and thus softening the tannins.

Meanwhile, an ultrasonic transducer, positioned directly under the chamber, resonates, effectively speeding up the flavor development of the wine.
All of this will be beamed to your smartphone, so you know what’s going on and won’t have to constantly stare desperately into the bottle for it to give you a sign of being ready.

But will it be passable as a decent bit of plonk? To give the brews a bit more depth, there’s also a small sachet of finishing powder, which contains the oak and other flavors that will allow your wine to taste as if it has been aging for several months to a year.
But because it is being produced under air and not inert gas (like usual bottles of wine), it will only keep for up to two weeks. So you’ll have to drink it fairly swiftly. Oh, the pain.

Its makers hope it will be available later this year, but being a Kickstarter project, it will require funding before it will reach our grasp, and they are looking to raise enough cash to finish a run of 2,000 units.
We’re sure the French are spitting on the floor in disgust at the moment, but for us less fussy drinkers who can’t spare a few decades or spare cash to get a good drop, we’re popping with excitement over this DIY kit.

Cage Archibird - a Modern Bird Cage Doubles as a Table

Merging an actual birdcage with a fully functional coffee table is not something you’d think about every day, but a very skilled French designer by the name of Gregoire de Lafforest decided to actually transform this concept into reality.

Dubbed Archbird, this amazing coffee table boasts a series of glass-enclosed cutouts that rise above the table surface and allow the birds to climb up and enjoy a better view. The main cage is placed conveniently underneath the table, which means that the birds are only visible when they choose to climb up on top of the small white tree that was placed within.

The cage also includes its own special washing place and is supported by a series sturdy steel rods. This innovative furniture piece would look fantastic as a centerpiece in any modern living room. Would you acquire one yourself if you could?

360fly Hd Panoramic Video Camera

This year’s CES is the place where the 360Fly panoramic video camera saw the light of day. Even though this is not the first 360 camera on the market – we have already presented the BulbCam here – it still draws a lot of attention, mostly due to the fact that it is small and provides good quality footage.

The 360Fly is a result of cooperation between two acknowledged companies, namely the Voxx International and the EyeSee360. It enables you to capture 360⁰ video recording and even zoom and pan the video using the dedicated software. This means that you will not only record what is in front of you, but also everything around in one simple shot.
The quality of the recording is 1500×1500 at 30fps which is enough to provide clear immersive footage of your adventures. In addition, you can use the 360Fly with other devices simply by connecting them using Bluetooth or WiFi.

The 360Fly is very sturdy which was expected knowing that it is supposed to be used for recording adventure sports. It can be mounted to helmets and it is currently the smallest 360-degree camera in the world, weighing only 120g, which is great when you are snowboarding, for example. Moreover, it is waterproof down to 5 meters.

However, this does not mean that it can be used only in those occasions. The use that is often neglected is recording social events, such as parties. No more running around with a camera trying to get the best of everything and still missing most of the things. Simply place the 360Fly in the middle and capture the entire party in one shot. And can you even imagine the benefits of this approach in the field of security?

As the manufacturer said it himself, the 360Fly will truly make your footage “more compelling, engaging, and immersive than ever before”.

The pricing details have not been announced yet, but it is safe to assume that products such as the 360Fly will have their following whatever the price.

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