Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Maserati Lounge Chair By Zanotta

Though Maserati has been keeping it’s brand loyalists busy with luxurious 4-wheeled creations like the 2014 Ghibli sports sedan, and the 2013 Quattroporte, at the International Furniture Fair 2013, they will vowing everyone with designer furniture. They have showcased the brand via the limited edition Maserati Lounge Chair by Zanotta, which comes with the designing finesse from the duo of Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.

Their aim in mind was to recreate the exclusivity, comfort, sophistication, and luxury factor of Quattroporte model with this limited-edition lounge chair, which will be on display in Milan till the 14th of this April. How much they actually sell for, will perhaps be revealed only after the event in Milan.
The Maserati Lounge Chair bears a very strong relationship with the original auto brand it was targeted at.

The chrome-nickel plated stainless-steel base which also comes with a black polished finishing, supports the high-resistance polyurethane filling and DacronDu Pont padding.

The quilted texture above is credited to the use of Extra99 Zanotta leather, which can be availed dark gray shade with light borders, or options such as mud-colored leather with light gray border, and light gray leather with mud-colored border. The origins of the construction technique, named ‘Capitonne’, is placed around the year 1800, the tradition of which has been followed for this furniture as well.

On the whole, one can conclude that much of the Quattroporte has been built into this furniture DNA, along with adherence to the standards set by Zanotta. To cut the long story short, it’s about bringing the 2 luxury brands on the same platform, but with creative standards of a high level. From the gatherings of the designing duo of Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, they have created a piece of furniture which interprets the Maserati car model into this collectible chair.

Bulgarian Interior Designer Creates F1-Themed Lounge Chair – Perfect Seat for the Formula 1 Fan

Ever get tired of sitting in those abhorrently uncomfortable sofas that are sold at local flea markets? Not only are they prickly and bumpy, but chances, if you do have one of those kinds of sofas, then they probably aren’t as pleasant-looking either.

If you answered ‘yes’ to our little pop question, then this F1-themed lounge chair designed by Bulgarian interior designer Alexander Christoff just might be the answer to your comfort and aesthetic needs.

Made from ergonomically molded fiberglass with chrome legs with an upholstered adjustable head rest to boot, this chair is fit for just about any comfort-seeking, design-conscious, chair lover in the world. But there is a catch, as is always the case when something this cool is advertised.

As of the moment, the chairs aren’t available anywhere yet. But if the public response to them are as positive as we expect them to be, then you might just be able to find one of these being sold somewhere over the Internet in the near future.

Sugar Chair – $11,000 Sweet Made Out Of Pure Sugar

Which is the biggest lollipop you’ve ever seen? I’m sure it was not in the form of chairs and did not cost anywhere near $11,000! Pieter Brenner, a Dutch-born, German designer made exactly that – Sugar Chair worth $11,000. He claims, it will be the biggest, most expensive lollipop for your living room.

Sugar chair is manufactured using 60 pounds of confectioner’s sugar. Depending on your appetite, you can lick it or nibble it a long time and on that way make your own creation. The production method was quite complicated, because the sugar needs a while to dry, so Brenner had to work with very good sugar specialist.

I just created a place where (the user/consumer) can be creative, so basically he is the designer, not me. The consumer can feel free to do everything he wants to with the form or the sugar. I have just proved an archetype, Brenner tells Co.Design.

Frankly, interesting creations, just I’m not sure if it was purposeful. You can’t sit on it, and whether lollipop’s worth $11,000? It’s my opinion, and Brenner explains: The user can play an active part in the design with form and the dimensions of the object himself. The more consumed, the less mass is left of the chair.

Designer Giulio Gianturco Makes A Washbasin Hidden In A Wooden Box

You can hide many things in many different places, but I’m willing to bet few bucks that you never thought of hiding a functional wash basin inside a wooden box. If it’s going to make you feel better, I can tell you I never though of that either, creativity is not my thing anyway. However, to the creative mind of Italian designer Giulio Gianturco it is possible, and he has designed “Hidden” washbasin disguised as a wooden box.

Wooden box including drawer of the Hidden washbasin is made from thermo-treated wood in Hemlock finish. Upon opening the wooden box, a functional washbasin unveil itself that is fitted with Corian integrated stainless steel taps, mirror with magnifying lens, lowered shelves, object holder drawer, light and plug. When you are done using it, just close and it reverts back to being an elegant wooden box.

“Hidden” kind of reminds me of curiosity shops with interesting things to uncover. Giulio Gianturco designed the Hidden for Makro, a bathroom concept company. This is not available in the market yet, it will be interesting to see the practical use of the functional Hidden in real world.

Pioneer crafts exclusive limited edition HDJ-1000 DJ headphones

Disc jockeys who are as critical with the looks of their gear as they are with its audio performance may sound enthusiastic about Pioneer’s new creation. The company now announced its limited edition HDJ-1000 professional DJ headphones due to be available in December 2010. Fashioned to delight users, the limited edition will gussy up the tuneful journey with two fashionable colors and improved low frequency reproduction.

The stylish HDJ-1000 steps in with two attractive shades, black and gold, in addition to the original chrome model. The black version resonates with a more sophisticated look, while the eye-catchy gold version reveals a more glitzy style. For impeccable audio reproduction, the drivers in the offering have been tuned to render heavy impact in the lower bass frequencies of music.

“Much like our players and mixers, Pioneer headphones are designed for both style and performance. We have a versatile line-up of headphones that are sure to complement many DJ levels. The new HDJ-1000s will not only catch your eye, but also please your ears,” shared David Arevalo, senior marketing manager, Professional Sound and Visual Division for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

With a purpose to procreate the critical midrange and mid-bass frequencies in music, the device’s thick micrometers diaphragm and 1.5mm voice coil are impressively fitted. The integration also ensures to generate a more linear response even at high volume levels. In addition, the mono/stereo selector circuit is spruced up to obtain clearer playback, particularly in the midrange frequencies.

The modification in HDJ-1000’s mono/stereo selector circuit makes it possible to offer sounds such as bass drums, snare drums and cymbals with more impact. The headphones also benefit from low rebound urethane for the ear pads, providing increased comfort.

Some other noteworthy characteristics include an easy fold-away structure design, convenient carrying pouch, a swivel mechanism with 90-degree housing rotation to support an extensive range of monitoring styles, and a convenient mono/stereo switch for single-ear use.

Pablo Picasso’s Important Ceramics on Sale at Sotheby’s London

Sotheby’s London is offering “Important Ceramics by Pablo Picasso” on May 7, featuring 170 lots of Picasso ceramics ranging in estimates from £400 ($670) to £60,000 ($100,000). The sale includes plates, vases, jugs, bowls and tiles designed by Picasso, depicting a range of classical and mythical forms alongside portraits of animals and people, as well as linocuts from this period.

This is a rare opportunity for collectors to acquire their own work of art by one of the 20th century’s most famous artists.
This follows Sotheby’s auction in March 2013 of Important Ceramics by Pablo Picasso from a Private Collection, in which all the ceramic lots sold.

While the market for Picasso ceramics has had its high points in the past, such as in the mid-1980s, and again in the mid-2000s, more recently it has experienced yet another more significant resurgence, with the ceramics’ inclusion in notable sales of private collections in the past few years.

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