Monday, July 28, 2014

Sense By Hello Wants To End All Your Sleeping Problems

What you see here is not a mementos of Beijing’s bird’s nest stadium used in 2008 Summer Olympics, though looks pretty much like one, only rounded and sexier. It is the newest new kid on the sleep monitor block, simply called Sense that, like all sleep monitors in the market, aims to end all your sleeping problems. the thing about Sense is, it doesn’t promise magic with a single device; it actually comprises of three things: the beautifully sculpted sensor that does its job without marring your bedroom’s decor, a small but sensitive clip-on sleep tracking sensor that detects every toss and turn you make during sleep, and a mobile app that score your sleep, log any disturbances and presents them so you will be in the know of why you get or not get a good night sleep.

The small clip-on or Small Pill as it is called, attaches to your pillow and packs a six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope for picking up movements. It connects to Sense via Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT without any intervention on your part, and it does not need to be recharged until a year or so. while Sleep Pill is doing that, Sense collates the data and at the same keep tabs on the environment in which you sleep with sensors that monitors the level of light in your room, detects the temperature and humidity level, and even a particulate sensor that could detect particles that our naked eyes can’t see, such as pollen for example, which could be potentially disruptive to people who have allergies. the idea is, if you know say for example, pollen or perhaps certain level of humidity is disturbing your sleep, you will be able to act on it like getting an air purifier specifically to tackle pollen issue or increasing or decreasing the humidity accordingly, so that you can truly have a good night sleep.

The Sense also packs a power speaker that can play white noise to sooth your sleep if you so desire. however, the star feature (or at least to us) is the Smart Alarm, which is designed to wake you up at the right time in your sleep cycle, so that you won’t fall back into deep sleep again and waking feeling all messed up. it all sounds promising on paper and to be honest, I’d be lying if i were to say I am not a bit impressed or convinced by the features and if you are like me, the good news is, these guys are running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where you can grab Sense sleep monitor, which includes Sense and a Sleep Pill, at a special price of $99.

And since Hello has already been dabbling in Sense for about a year now, you don’t have wait for too long to see Sense at your doorstep. If all goes well (in fact it has been going really well as the campaign has breached $1 million mark), delivery will commence in November 2014.

Multi-Tool Hair Clip Is For Hardworking Ladies Or Dude With Bangs To Hold Up

Up till today, multi-tool seems like a reserved-for-men thing. It has become a norm where no words need to be spoken and little doubt that mostly men will reach out to the shelves for one. But what about pretty lass who want to fix something too?

I mean, you don’t expect ladies to be hanging a multi-tool on her on pretty sundress do you? A necklace would be too in your face too, but a hair clip sounds just about right and that’s precisely what the Leatherdos Mini Tools Clip has to offer: seven tools in one inconspicuous hair clip.

At its basic level, it helps to hold up the hair and on a more advanced level, this stainless steel hair clip also serves as a flat-head screwdriver with three sizes to choose from for fixing up stuff like tightening the screws on glasses, a wrench that could handle 8mm or 5/16 bolts, a serrated edge for whatever cutting job (watch out for the hair, though), a ruler, and a trolley coin with a varied uses such as peeling of orange.

Heck, it could even hold up a lighted wick for your lighting needs. Just throw in a saucer with some oil and it is a go.

With the Leatherdos Mini Tools Clip, you are essentially putting a toolbox in your hair and as a boon; it is probably the cheapest and smallest multi-tool you can get. You can get it from Animi Causa for just$9.99 a pop. Perhaps not cheap as a hair clip, but as a multi-tool, it sure is.

Future Airbus Planes Might Have Bicycle Saddle Like Seats In Economy Class

Airbus is having a busy year, it seems. The company has again filed for some new patents that talk about economy class seats that will cater to passengers by providing them something similar to the bicycle saddles. The patent talks about allowing the firm to cater for more people during flights that last only a couple of hours.

The seats can be flipped to create more space in the cabin when they are not in use. According to the patent application; ‘In effect, to increase the number of cabin seats, the space allotted to each passenger must be reduced.’ The bicycle seats are affixed to a vertical bar and capable of being retracted when not in use as mentioned already.

The Airbus officials have stated that the patent does not request for the seats to be commercialized. Mary Anne Greczyn, Spokeswoman for Airbus, says; ‘Many, if not most, of these concepts will never be developed, but in case the future of commercial aviation makes one of our patents relevant, our work is protected. Right now these patent filings are simply conceptual.’

The firm has also admitted, as you would have guessed by now, that this approach would only work for short hour flight and said; ‘Reduced comfort remains tolerable for the passengers in as much as the flight lasts only one or a few hours.’

Do you think Airbus will employ this concept if granted the patent or is the patent really as it has been stated; a way of owning its ideas?

This Washing Machine Shaped Like A Wheel Cleans Your Clothes While You Run In It

Are you one of those people who need a nudge or maybe a little more than that to go to the gym every day? What if the gym was brought to you at the comfort of your home? Well at least a part of it. And that too coupled with a dose of motivation that you always seem to be looking around for.
At this year’s Electrolux Design Lab competition, the theme of which was The Home of Tomorrow, Si Hyeong Ryu, a graduate in product design from Samsung Art and Design School and now a freelance designer, presented the concept of the Wheel washing machine and treadmill.

Ryu presented the concept of a human sized hamster-style wheel that is equipped with device to capture kinetic energy from the running movements of the person on the wheel, and uses this to power other home appliances.
It uses this kinetic energy harnessed from the human motion to power built-in washers, to churn water and wash clothes while providing the user with the information he needs on a display.
‘Wheel is a crossover between gym bike and washing machine by using human kinetic power to save electricity and our nature,’ said Ryu.

Ryu further suggested that the power generated from the spinning motion of the wheel can be used to wash clothes while the unused power can be saved as electricity for future purposes.
The details of Ryu’s concept also feature equipping the canisters with washing balls, designed to not only shorten the washing time but also to save water during the process.
To make it more user friendly and to give the user a better workout experience, the Wheel has a flexible display, which gives you ‘a visual experience’. This means it can display films or music videos as well.
The Wheel could also be equipped with Solar panels in case the treadmill is not being used. These will absorb the solar energy from daylight to power the machine.

The machine could come with a lot of variations as Ryu suggested but the point remains that “The Home of Tomorrow” should definitely have one of these.

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